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Underground Utility-Related Services

Buried Electrical Installations

Underground Electric Service Wires InstallIn the area around your facility there exists numerous underground systems owned and maintained by various local utility companies. Adding your own underground systems near these other systems without damaging them can be difficult. As a self-installer, you are directly responsible for the repair costs to those systems if you damage them. Additionally, inexperienced and/or ill-equipped contractors have damaged these systems in the past causing dangerous and unnecessary disruptions of utility services. With our Vermeer trencher we install underground electrical service laterals from 208V to 35kV, underground branch and feeder circuits for lighting and power, control circuits, and communication wiring. These systems can be installed using either conduit or cable rated for direct buried applications.

Utility Companies
Wiring Services to Supplement those
Provided by the Utility Company

Most local utility companies have limits to how far they’ll cross a property to provide electrical service before they impose excess facility charges. Once that limit is exceeded expensive per foot lateral charges are incurred. E-Squared Electric provides trenching and backfill services that are extremely cost competitive with those charged by the utility company. Regardless of the utility company’s voltage, E-Squared Electric can provide competitive pricing to complete the underground work in coordination with your utility company.

Primary Metered Installations

Many larger facilities are metered by the electric utility company using what is termed as primary metering. This type of installation involves placing the utility company’s meter on the electrical wiring at the utility company’s distribution voltage (typically 5kV, 15kV, or 35kV and commonly referred to as medium voltage). The location of the meter represents where the utility company’s facilities end and the customer’s start. In such arrangements much of the building owner’s wiring operates at the same voltage as the utility company. This requires the building owner to maintain that wiring and assume the cost of improvements or expansion when circumstances require it. Since the result of mistakes made in medium voltage wiring are less forgiving, it’s important the wiring is installed correctly and tested as a part of a commissioning process prior to being energized. E-Squared Electric’s electricians are trained to install, splice, and terminate medium voltage wire and will work closely with a third party testing agency to ensure the wiring is safe and works as intended.

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