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More than any other type of building, the typical goal of commercial construction is to achieve the balance of form and function envisioned by the building’s architects. Electrical wiring certainly contributes to a building’s effective function, but often also contributes to its form. That’s why we at E-Squared Electric take seriously the aesthetic as well as functional quality of our wiring installations. To understand this concept fully, consider that electrical engineers design the wiring systems for a proposed building. However, it’s the electrical contractor’s means and methods that make those designs a reality. Understanding the myriad of construction techniques used in modern construction is paramount to the successful installation of a building’s wiring systems.

Successful Approaches to
Electrical Contracting

Given the nature of the work involved, choosing an electrical contractor is an important decision. In negotiating the contracts to which we ultimately agree, it’s our hope that pride and satisfaction for all involved are the result at the end of the project. That means working safely, having an unrelenting attention to detail, addressing questions with the installation as they arise, anticipating problems not considered and proposing solutions when they are encountered, and while at the same time maintaining the progress of construction toward a fixed completion date. E-Squared Electric has worked in the past under numerous types of contractual relationships. Depending on the nature of the project and its schedule, we are comfortable with “design/build”, “design-assist”, “plan and spec”, “T&M not-to-exceed”, and “GMax” types of approaches to converting a vacant piece of land to a valuable piece of real estate.

The Building Process

A successful building process starts with a plan and that plan includes a design and a schedule showing a sequence of activities to complete the project over a prescribed period. E-Squared Electric’s management team understands the nuances of schedule compliance and will work with the general contractor and fellow subcontractors to achieve the goals of the schedule. No one wins when work tasks get strung out. Our field staff are inspired by and value the fact that there’s always the next project waiting for them. No one understands better than they do the concept that our mutual success lies in completing work tasks safely, efficiently, and with quality.

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