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Electrical Systems Maintenance

Electrical Plans - Schematics - DiagramsElectrical circuits in your facility are failing, costing your company valuable production time. Resetting circuit breakers and replacing blown fuses only corrects the problem temporarily. Overloads, short-circuits, ground faults, over-voltage, under-voltage, etc.? One of those numerous issues is likely the cause, but how do you determine which it is to utilize a safe and permanent solution. Being able to accurately assess the cause of the failed circuit is the first step in getting things restored. E-Squared Electric’s team of knowledgeable electricians can help make that assessment and get your facility back in production and operating safely.

Electrical Systems Replacement

Is your building’s wiring system aging, out of date, and unsafe? E-Squared Electric can help develop a cost-effective plan to replace wiring and update circuit protective devices, regardless of the size of the project. The technology associated with modern wiring and components today is impressive, but it takes a thorough understanding of the technology to apply it correctly for maximum benefit. Call us for a free, no obligation walk-through to see how we might help improve your facility’s wiring with state-of-the-art devices and wiring methods.

Workplace Safety

OSHA NFPA 70EOSHA has adopted and is currently enforcing NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace). One of the many criterion of NFPA 70E is the requirement that electrical distribution equipment be labelled with information about the risk of an arc flash incident for personnel working on energized electrical equipment. Proper labeling includes various boundaries around the energized equipment, voltage hazards, and the incident energy levels a worker would be exposed to during a fault condition at the equipment with protective barriers removed. E-Squared Electric’s electricians are trained to recognize and evaluate the information presented in these labels and the steps necessary to work safely.

Lighting Improvements

If you’ve ever been to a big box store to purchase replacement light bulbs, you’ve experienced how daunting selecting the right bulb can be these days. The technological development and extensive use of LED lighting represents a change in lighting technology not seen since the introduction of fluorescent lighting. The color rendering capabilities associated with different lighting temperatures (2700°K, 3500°K, 5000°K, etc.) is critical to achieving the desired effect and is likely most critical in retail applications where a positive visual impact is most desired.

In addition to changing how we convert other energy forms into light, LED technology has also caused a paradigm shift in the amount of power a building consumes for lighting, and in the average lamp life of the bulb. Lighting efficiency is stated in lumens per watt and LED lighting represents a significant improvement in the amount of light produced (lumens) for energy used (watts). A typical incandescent light bulb will operate for less than 1000 hours, fluorescent bulbs 20,000 – 25,000 hours depending on the number of on/off cycles. LED lamps are rated to last in the 10’s of thousands of hours, some exceeding 50,000 hours. Because of drastic improvements in efficiency and lamp life, lighting retrofits that replace older lighting technology with new LED technology are common with paybacks of less than three years. If you’re interested in lowering your energy and lighting maintenance costs E-Squared Electric can help you decide on a replacement plan that will improve your company’s bottom line.

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