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Industrial Machinery Replacement

Add Circuit - Circuit BreakersMaximizing profits for any company includes controlling costs by replacing out-of-date equipment and systems. When a decision is made to update or replace industrial machinery for improved operations it sometimes comes with the necessity to update appropriate portions of the building’s wiring. Understanding how operating new electrical loads will impact the existing distribution system is critical to ensuring the long-term reliability of production processes.

Don’t let adding a new circuit or upgrading an existing one put a hole in the reliable operation of your facility. When new equipment is being put into operation, we evaluate a building’s wiring, assess the requirements of new equipment relative to available power, and then propose the most cost-effective wiring solution. Protect your company’s profits by insisting that your electrical work be performed by electricians who are knowledgeable with building and electrical codes, and wiring solutions that provide the best cost/benefit.

Equipment Upgrades and Automation

If the industrial equipment you’re considering adding is part of a larger, automated process, or an entire new system altogether, our electricians have the experience and knowledge to perform the related electrical work. We understand that once a decision is made to investment in a capital improvement, bringing that improvement into consistent and reliable production in the shortest and safest time possible is critical to the investment’s return. E-Squared Electric will work closely with you and your assembled team to find the shortest path to final production, including (if necessary) expediting material deliveries.

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